Support Coordination & Plan Reviews: A Practical Guide

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Plan review meetings are freaking tough for participants and assistance from a skilled Support Coordinator can make the world of difference. This practical 2.5 hour workshop unpacks the key skills Support Coordinators need to get great review outcomes:

◦  Support Coordination responsibilities before, during and after the plan review meeting
◦  The most effective approaches to gathering evidence and reviewing goals
◦  How and when to prepare a plan review report
◦  The essentials of supporting people, without advocating
◦  How to request and review the new plan breakdown
◦  The importance of identifying capacity building opportunities in plan review


Team member

Annika Thorup


Melbourne / Sydney timezone (AEDT)

10.30am - 1.00pm 


Thursday 14th January
Wednesday 20th January
Thursday 4th February
Monday 15th February


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