NDIS and Residential Aged Care (RAC)

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  • The NDIS Commercial Opportunity for RAC - 24 March ($325.00)
  • NDIS Quality Compliance: the RAC Essentials - 25 March ($325.00)


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These two half day content filled workshops focus on the NDIS commercial and compliance essentials for RAC providers.


Wednesday 24 March
10.30am - 2.00pm AEDT

The NDIS Commercial Opportunity for RAC

Many RAC providers are failing to capture NDIS business opportunities and deliver improved support for residents. DSC’s experience is that the level of income NDIS eligible participants receive can often be increased substantially. Participants living in nursing homes can receive funding for:
○  planning and assessment conversations and support to explore alternatives
  assistance with care-related costs (excluding daily living expenses or accommodation charges)
  access to age-appropriate social, civic and community activities
  sustaining informal support networks
  therapy, including allied health supports
  specialised equipment supports

This workshop is for RAC providers to explore how they can navigate and maximise the opportunities of the NDIS. We will explore:
○  The NDIS fundamental principles. What do terms like goals, choice and control and reasonable and necessary actually mean in a practical sense?
○  NDIS modes of funding. What are the different ways funding can be managed and how does it impact how services can be purchased?
○  NDIS key roles and functions. What is the difference between the NDIS Commission and the NDIA? A Support Coordinator and a Plan Manager? A Local Area Coordinator and a Planner?
○  Housing. What other housing options are there for young people in RAC and how can we support them?
○  Getting adequate funding in a plan. What can a young person residing in RAC request in their plan and how can we support them to get the supports they need?
○  Funding responsibilities. Whose responsibility is it to fund which things?
○  Business opportunities. What other supports and services might we be well aligned to provide now we are a registered NDIS Provider?  
○ Supported decision making - What are the different decision makers, how we support people to make their own decisions?


Thursday 25 March
10.30am - 2.00pm AEDT

NDIS Quality Compliance: the RAC Essentials

Residential Aged Care (RAC) Providers that support NDIS Participants are now required to register with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission as registered NDIS Providers. This has many RACs asking about the implications of this new ‘purple tape’. This workshop has been built specifically for RAC providers to understand their obligations under the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework and will explore:

○  The structure of the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework. Why was it established and what are the fundamental principles?
○  Key compliance areas. What do we need to get in order to be on top of the code of conduct, worker screening, complaints, incidents, worker orientation?
○  Transitional arrangements - How long do we have to get all this done?
○  Behaviour support and restrictive practices - What are they? How do we get the funding in a plan? What do we need to report? Who can approve their use?
○  The NDIS Practice Standards - What will we be audited against and how does it compare to the aged care quality standards?
○  Registration groups - If we want to deliver other supports what do we need to register for and how will it affect our auditing requirements?  

Who is this training for?

Residential aged care providers with NDIS participants 

Why is our training different?
We live and breathe the NDIS
We have practical experience in Support Coordination and Quality and Safeguarding , Aged Care and Disability Services
We break down the complicated and speak plainly

Dates & times

This is an online workshop delivered via Zoom.

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Jess Quilty

Annika Thorup


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